About Me

I could start by saying that Copy Kite is a copywriting and mentoring business. Or that I’ve got umpteen years of marketing experience and a post-graduate thingamabob in marketing. But that’s all rather impersonal isn’t it?

Yes, those things are actually true, but they won’t really help you decide if I’m the right copywriter for you. I might have the best creds in the world, but if you don’t like the cut of my jib, well….it ain’t gonna fly.

I’m a chatty kind of gal and a firm believer that people do business with people they like, so how about we dispense with formalities? Instead, just read my little business tale below and if I sound like your kind of person, then I reckon we’ll get along royally.



My background

My career path is, for the most part, utterly text book. I gained the grades, got a sack full of commercial experience and enjoyed living corporate life as a Marketing Manager for a good 13 years. I learnt an awful lot about the real practice of marketing and how to write effective copy, with my words regularly reaching an audience of over a million customers.  Nice, while it lasted.

In 2014, and with two small children in tow, I found myself with a one-way family ticket for the redundancy train. For a little while there, I don’t mind admitting that a mild state of panic set in as I wiped the baby snot from my interview jacket. Until I saw the opportunity….


Making words work

Turns out, there is a huge and vibrant world full of micro-businesses out there. Tonnes of talented and creative people putting their bright ideas into business and working hard at nurturing their self-employed dreams. But many do so without the confidence, know-how or time to write an awesome website. Or to build a brilliant brand for themselves. Or to spread the word in all the right places. (Sound familiar?) And there I was, with a handbag full of wordy super-powers, some commercial nouse and an overwhelming desire to make things look nice.

Bingo! Freelance Copywriter.


Small business rocks

So there we have it. I now work from home writing awesome website content, copywriting guides (and a bunch of other lovely marketing stuff) for solopreneurs and small businesses just like yours. Think of me as your copywriting phone-a-friend. And yes, my touch-typing skills are fierce!

I also know what it’s like to have an idea in mind and have to rely on someone else to help bring it to life. For this reason I promise the following:

  • A choice of copywriting packages (plus handy marketing + design extras)
  • A really thorough approach to understanding you and your business
  • Fully-inclusive pricing
  • Plain English talk – corporate fluff is strictly banned
  • To get the flippin’ job done – no messing around

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Nice to meet you

Oh, and if we met over coffee, it’s highly likely I’d be nattering on about:

  • Being yourself in business
  • Doing what you say you’re going to
  • The crazy ways of a creative mind
  • Childcare, parenting fails and tantrums
  • Cake (always cake!)


So, why not take a look at the copywriting or marketing services I can provide, or get in touch and we’ll take it from there?

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