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Getting it spot on

I put a lot of effort into getting under the skin of your business because, when I write for you, it’s got to sound just right. For me, this isn’t just about churning out content, it’s helping you build a brand. So panic not, by choosing Copy Kite you know you’ll be in safe and experienced hands.



Website copywriting packages

This is usually where it all starts. Your shop window. It’s the anchor for all of your marketing activity and the home for all your brilliant business stuff. So, you want it to be right!

Maybe you’re launching a brand new website and don’t have the foggiest where to begin? Or maybe your feel your existing site is a bit soggy and needs an injection of personality? Wherever you’re at, choose one of my website copywriting packages and together we’ll have your website flying high in no time.

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Content Marketing

Content comes in all shapes and sizes.  Each piece is another part of the conversation you’re having with your ideal clients.

  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Blog articles
  • How-to-guides
  • Online courses
  • Emails
  • Social media profiles and posts

It’s all part of the mix. But, we live in a world of complete content overload already (I mean seriously, how many new Tweets per day?!) so you honestly don’t need to do it all. Good content marketing is about doing the bits that will hit home with the people you really want in your gang.

Need help creating your written content and figuring out how to share your business story?

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Direct Mail & Brochures

Printed marketing is expensive to produce and can be in the hands of your peeps for a long time, so it’s really important to get it right! Yet, you’d be surprised how many small businesses invest in brochures, leaflets or banners without also investing in great copy! There’s no correcting that typo once it’s gone to print!

Got a printed project in mind? If you need help putting your ideas onto paper and making it all sound tickety-boo, then I’m your gal.

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Copy Editing and Proofreading

Need someone impartial to review and edit your work? Having trouble cutting out the clutter and making it sound slick? Then, hand it over to me and I’ll give your words the once over to check that it all sounds awesome and there are no grammar gremlins lurking around.

Find out more about I can help you re-word, re-shape and edit your copy here. 

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1:1 Marketing Mentoring

If you find your brain is caught up in a marketing log-jam, or you’re going a little stir-crazy over your copy, it can really help to talk it all through with someone impartial.  Cue the Copywriting Phone-A-Friend (that’s me!).

Book a 1:1 mentoring session and you can ask me anything! Want some feedback on your website, just ask. Want me to help you find the right tone of voice? No problem. Want to brainstorm some marketing ideas? Great, let’s get to it.

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Psst…..If you’re not sure whether you need to make the investment in professional copywriting support or not, read these 6 good reasons to use a freelance copywriter for a reminder of why you’ll be making the right decision! Just saying.