Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Working for 11 years as the Direct Marketing Manager for one of the UK’s oldest leisure airline brands, it was my job to make email work. The aim; simple. To drive revenue and build long-term customer relationships through the use of email marketing.  
During my time with the airline, I was able to move email marketing from a one-time trial activity, to a core commercial tool.  Our customer database grew from just a few thousand customers to over 1 million, generating email marketing revenues in the many hundreds of £000’s every month.  How? By riding the wave of business growth, yes, but much more.


  • Making it easy and worthwhile for customers to subscribe
  • Communicating regularly, right through the buying process (we called it ‘The Customer Journey’)
  • Recognising different customer groups and treating them differently
  • Making email, landing page and offline messages consistent
  • Using email to invite feedback, not just to sell
  • Split testing to find the best broadcast time and most effective subject lines
  • Working closely with email suppliers to ensure reliable broadcasting, good analytics and eye catching design
  • Introducing automated emails to send key messages at important times e.g Abandon basket, Pre-departure/arrival, Welcome Home


In short, using email marketing and online content cleverly and appropriately to get results.

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A copywriter with strategic marketing know-how

Do you want an effective email strategy that will help you to build relationships with people?

I can help you write email and landing page content, work with designers to get the look and feel right, plan how and when to use email and make sense of the results. What’s more, I can help you understand how email, print and content marketing can sit together, ensuring your activity isn’t just a one hit wonder or a muddle of messages.

Used cleverly, emails can be personalised, automated, well timed and well targeted so that they generate both incremental revenue AND build long term customer relationships. Combined with engaging online content, you’ll have a winning recipe to attract and keep happy customers.

For years it was my day job to generate revenue using email marketing.  But more than that, to obtain customer feedback, to communicate important purchase information, to deliver customer service, to encourage repeat sales and to keep customers engaged in the long term.
Let me help your business do the same.

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