Project: Website Copywriting and Leaflet Content

Client: Sarah Veall – Business and Personal Development Coach


Sarah wanted my help finding the right mix of personal story and professional credibility. By listening to how her previous career experience had shaped her attitude and approach to coaching, I was able to capture Sarahs deep understanding of her target audience, and talk in a way that is true to her personality and style.

“Catherine quickly understood and beautifully articulated the messages I was trying to get across via my leaflet and website. She was extremely efficient and responsive to all queries and requests made.

A snippet of the copy:

“Believe you can do something, and you’re half way there! The power of the mind is transformational.Challenge your self-beliefs, strip away your fear of failure and change your behaviour for the better.”

“Yet, it wasn’t until one pivotal point in my career that I realised I’d never dedicated the same effort to creating my own ‘strategic thinking space’.”

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