Website Design + Build

So you need a new website? Sweet. There are plenty of ways to skin that cat.  You could have a stab at building it yourself, or you could phone for reinforcements. Let’s take a look at the options.


Build it yourself

If you’re up for the challenge, then there are oodles of easy to use DIY design tools and online web-building apps for you to choose from.

Get creative. Get technical. Fill your boots.


Pros + cons

Building it yourself can be very satisfying and cost-effective. You’ll also learn handy tech skills that you’ll continue to use as your business grows. But a word to the wise, if you aren’t fairly tech-savvy to begin with or confident with copywriting, what you save in expense, you might lose in time wasted (and then some!)

Call for help

Rather than doing all the legwork yourself, you could always get some expert help.

  • Buy your content from a copywriter
  • Buy your design from a designer
  • Get a techxpert to wrangle with WordPress, etc

Pros + cons

You’d have to find the right people to do each bit of work and then brief, manage and pay each one separately. That can make budgeting for the overall project a bit tricker and you’ll need to co-ordinate the different parts, but your website will look sharp as a result.

Box it up

If the thought of building a website brings you out in a cold sweat.  Or you want to know up front how much the whole lot is going to cost.  Or, frankly, you’ve got better things to be doing with your time, then just outsource the whole project.

Pros + cons

Paying someone to take care of everything is more costly than a DIY option. But, you get 3 brilliant things in return.

  1. More time to spend doing what you’re good at
  2. A website that looks and sounds awesome from the get-go
  3. Expert input into your business


DIY support


Copywriting guides

From £40 each

Brush up on your copywriting skills with these easy-to-follow copywriting guides. Read more >>



1:1 Copy Coaching

1 hour = £99

Get copy advice, marketing recommendations, or input on your ideas with a 1:1 mentoring session. Read more >>

Call for my help!


Website Copywriting packages

From £595

Start your project with great content, whether you write it yourself or get me on the case. More >>



Stock photo sourcing

Ask me for a quote.

Create the right image for your site. Get a portfolio of good looking stock images and give just the right impression. Find out more >>

Leave things to me


The Fully Loaded Website Pack


This tidy package gets it all done in a jiffy.  Minimum fuss, maximum creative and technical goodness. Pack includes:

  • 1:1 Briefing session
  • Up to 10 pages of copy written from scratch
  • Professional website design and build in WordPress
  • 25 x stock photos
  • 1 year website hosting *
  • Basic search engine optimisation
  • All design and copy amends
  • Single point of contact and regular updates by phone/email for the duration of the project


Get started


*hosting fee payable annually