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Every business needs to communicate, but the words you choose can make or break the deal. Coasting along without a clear message just won’t cut it.  Going heavy on the jargon and corporate fluff is a no-no too. Strong content that really hits the spot requires purpose and personality.

If you’re struggling to write about your business with confidence or want your content to have a bit more oomph, then let’s talk! I’m a talented copywriter who can work creative magic to translate your business ideas and personality into simple, conversational content.

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Website Copywriting

Tasty new website content and design ideas that’ll add some zing to your shop window.

Search Engine Optimisation

Recommendations and content ideas for how to please the Google gods.

Content marketing

Emails, brochures, advertorials, presentations…you name it, I’ll write it.

Blog Writing

Demonstrate your knowledge and credibility with blog content that really hits the spot.

Case Studies

Show how your business works in practice and put your best work in the spotlight.

Copy Editing

Get a fresh pair of eyes on your content before you hit ‘publish’. Pass it this way for polishing.

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.

As a freelance copywriter, I can help you set out your stall, ensuring those carefully crafted products or services of yours shine brightly and sound fab. Get written content that works for your business and helps you to attract the right crowd.

More website visitors

Shareworthy, engaging content that will draw people to your website and keep them there for longer.

Clear brand personality

Friendly and conversational marketing content that sounds like a real person, not a corporate machine.

Better business

Simple, convincing content that answers the right questions and makes people feel good about buying from you.

For content that will really lift your business.


The perfect resource. Copy Kite won the brief through her marvellous way with words. Her content is always on schedule, always of the highest quality and relentlessly on brief - in 6 months and over 70 pieces of copy, we’ve not had to make one amend. Catherine is a joy to work with.

Quy Tien, Commercial Director @ Keia Ltd

Catherine has just helped me build a new website. The whole process from start to finish has been a delight. Nothing was too much of an issue or problem and the end results are exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend Copy Kite, you will not be disappointed.

Marc Fels, Managing Director @ HGV Recruitment Centre

I am very pleased with the service I received. Catherine took her time to get to know me and understand my vision, sprinkled her magic dust all over my website and made it all sound pretty amazing. She was also more than happy to share some of her great ideas on how to improve my website in general.

Wendy Molefi-Youri Founder @ Vital Wellness Clinic

Sometimes I write About Writing

What’s wrong with plain English?

In my time as a freelance copywriter, I have written for some interesting and varied organisations.   So, I found myself wondering what a fitness business and a Financial Advisor had in common. Or an Executive Coach and a café chain. I had no idea where the expert in...

Why have a Content Marketing strategy?

Content Marketing is the process of creating and distributing useful, valuable and shareworthy content.   A Content Marketing Strategy is the map that makes sure your content gets to where it needs to be and delivers the results you want.  Without this you'll simply...

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content.  Put simply, it’s marketing speak for content that doesn’t go out of date quickly.  It’s the kind of information that stays relevant and useful, regardless of the date it was produced. A good Content Marketing Strategy should include two types of...

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