sweet jarCreating useful, valuable and shareworthy content is the basis of an effective Content Marketing campaign.


The question is then,how to do this?  In what way can content be valuable or shareworthy?  Where can you get inspiration for the type of content it would be worth producing? Well, here are 4 simple content generation ideas that can suit any business.


#1 Be useful

Share information that helps people in their jobs or lives or enables them to do things better.  Think about the problems that your target audience face and create content that helps them solve this.


#2 Reach out to your audience and their community

Showcase them, their interests, their lifestyle – even if your brand isn’t interesting, it doesn’t mean that your customers aren’t. Focus content on the consumer and the people you’re trying to influence. Provide a forum for these people to connect via your brand.


#3 Do something different or unexpected

Content doesn’t have to be written.  Try and use a variety of different formats, for example video, images, illustrations or webinars.  Consider using humour to add personality and lighten the tone.  Think laterally and try to find a way of making people stop and pay attention.  Consider adding an element of fun, such as competitions, giveaways or unusual topics of dicussion.


#4 Encourage a conversation

Starting a conversation, even if it isn’t about your brand, is a way of involving your business directly in something that interests the people it’s trying to reach.  What is topical, what do the audience think?  Does your business have an opinion or can it offer some suggestions about a particular hot topic.


There are many ways of generating interesting content and once you get started, one idea will lead to another, and another, and another.  There are no hard and fast rules about content generation, but it is crucial to remember why you are generating content and who it is for.  Don’t lose sight of your objectives and keep focused on providing value for your audience.


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