About Me

People do business with people they like.

So let’s get to know each other better.

I’m Catherine Kite

I could start with some standard blurb about being a freelance copywriter and having the right letters after my name. But that’s all rather impersonal isn’t it?

I might have the best creds in the world, but if you don’t like the cut of my jib, well….it ain’t gonna fly. So how about we dispense with formalities?

Instead, let’s talk about what kind of experience you’ll get by working with me. If you like what you hear and I sound like your kind of person, then I reckon we’ll get along royally.

I put a lot of effort into getting under the skin of your business and picking up your personality.
I’ve accumulated years of marketing experience, which all go into the mix. For me, copywriting isn’t churning out content, it’s building a brand.
There are over 171,000 words in the English language. I use my creative powers to find just the right mix for you.
When I say that I’ll get back to you, meet that deadline or do my very best with your brief, you can trust that I will actually do it.
“There is a huge and vibrant world full of small business out there. I encounter tonnes of talented people putting their bright ideas to work. But many do so without the confidence, know-how or time to write an awesome website. Or to generate shareworthy content. Or to build a consistent brand. Think of me as your copywriting phone-a-friend.”

My Skills

I love the variety of my work.  There have been foody businesses, property specialists, wellbeing organisations, cleaners, academic institutions and more. What do they all have in common?  Each one has a story to tell and needed my help to tease out the right words.

I know what it’s like to have an idea in mind and have to rely on someone else to help bring it to life. For this reason I promise the following:

  • A really thorough approach to understanding you and your business
  • Fully-inclusive pricing and straightforward terms
  • Plain English talk – corporate fluff and jargon are strictly banned
  • To get the flippin’ job done – no messing around

Choose Copy Kite for a safe and experienced pair of hands.

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog writing
  • Email content
  • Keyword research and optimisation
CREATE : verb

The act of banging your head on the desk until something pops up.

Let’s Start a Conversation

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