case study writing

facts tell, stories sell

Case studies rock as a content marketing tool. Use them to put your best work in the spotlight. Show potential customers how you’ve already improved the lives or businesses of other people, just by doing what you do so well.

This feels much more tangible than a bog standard description of your services. It gives people real evidence of your capabilities and style, which helps them to feel all warm and fuzzy about choosing to buy from you.

  • Demonstrate your service with real-life examples
  • Show your approach in action
  • Highlight the results you have achieved
  • Creative valuable extra content to share on your website and social media
  • Drop in real customer feedback to prove you’re not talking twaddle about what you can do for people!

your storyteller

Let me help you to craft well-written case studies that tell a compelling story and show your business in the best light.

Case studies are usually a collaboration between you, a good storyteller and your favourite clients. Let’s work together to tell a story of success from beginning to satisfying end.

how to use case studies

Before you part with your hard earned pennies, it’s very likely that you’ll look for reassurance about that thingamabob or experience you’re poised to buy. You want to know the marketing hype is true and you won’t be left high and dry once you hit the ‘buy now’ button.  Your clients are just the same.

Most people know that a little online research could stop them making a bum decision. Use case studies to demonstrate that your business is a safe bet.



9 out of 10 people look for reviews or proof before they make the decision to buy something. Case studies are a fantastic way of proving that your business can deliver on its promises. Tell the story of how you helped other people to reach their goals.

Spread the love

Make your case studies work hard, by sprinkling them throughout your website and email marketing.  Tease people into reading them, by sharing snippets of success. e.g “See how Jack enjoys 10 hours of extra sleep every week with Sleepytime”.


Get busy with the stats. Talk about how you helped someone to grow their client list, boost their profits or achieve something positive in their personal lives.  Results speak volumes, so put numbers against your successes if you can.

Get social

Case studies make for really shareworthy content. They’re a great alternative to salesy posts on social media because they demonstrate real results. An intriguing or inspiring post will encourage people to click through to your website.


People like to read about people like them. Think about who you’d really like to do business with and pick examples of where you’ve already worked with people just like them. Make your case studies feel personal and familiar.  Be sure to include quotes too.

Start to finish

Case studies work when they tell a story from beginning to end. Who was the customer? Why did they need help? What were their goals? How did you ride in like a knight in shining armour to save the day? People love a happy ending.

"I'm so pleased with the work Catherine carried out for me. She took the time to get to know what I was looking for and to understand my brand."

Steph Grainger, Founder @ The Nesting Place

For case studies that will really lift your business.

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