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Being knowledgeable about your business and being able to scribble down your ideas are all well and good. But, if you don’t have the time or skill to edit your copy into something legible, understandable and engaging, then even the best of ideas will fall flat.

  • Do you need to cut your copy down to size, but can’t bear to hit the delete button?

  • Have you written a chunk of content that needs a bit of polishing before you publish?

  • Is the tone or language of your marketing materials all over the place?

  • Would you value someone impartial reading and reviewing your words?

make a good impression

People love nothing more than bending your ear about a typo they’ve spotted in your latest brochure or download.  It makes them feel big and clever. And makes your business look small and unprofessional.

Grammar gremlins, poorly structured sentences and copy that misses the point will all chip away at the credibility of your business. It pays to get a fresh perspective before you hit ‘publish’ or sign off on that enormous print run. 

how a content editor can help


Sometimes you simply can’t see the wood for the trees. I can take a fresh look at your words and highlight any errors.



A bit of chopping and slicing here and there can help turn lacklustre copy into a piece of punchy prose.



If your tone of voice isn’t quite right for the audience or you want to swap corporate for conversational, then I can help.


Old content doesn’t have to be destined for the delete button. Some tweaking and polishing can make it fresh as a daisy. 

Proofreading is particularly useful when you’ve written a large amount of content (such as an e-book, digital download, online course or brochure) and want someone impartial to give it a thorough read through, check for consistency and ensure it’s all tickety boo. 

From seeing Catherine's work on another matter I knew she could word my business better than I could. The website is what everybody looks at, it represents my business, so I wanted it to be fun and professional. I love your words and how you've created an image.

Carole Rose, Founder @ Alphabake Cookery

"I am very pleased with the service I received. Catherine took her time to get to know me and understand my vision, sprinkled her magic dust all over my website and made it all sound pretty amazing. She was also more than happy to share some of her great ideas on how to improve my website in general."

Wendy Molefi-Youri, Founder @ Vital Wellness Clinic

Some really valuable feedback on my website, thank you so much. So useful to have a professional, creative and marketing eye to give me insight on how I can improve my site, brand and client journey.

Catherine O’Donnell, Portrait Photographer @ Catherine O’Donnell Photography

Lets start a conversation

Need help creating some top-notch copy and figuring out how to share your business story?

Relax. Your marketing content is in safe hands. When you choose me as your freelance copywriter it’s not just words you’re buying, but my full attention.

I’ll get that content licked into shape in no time at all.

Let’s get started.

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