Fees + Terms

Straightforward pricing


I’m not one for messing about, so to help with your budgeting, I’ve already pre-packaged some of my expertise into neat bundles, so you know what you’ll need to invest and what you’ll get for your money.  If you need help spreading the cost, then ask me about my payment plans.


Bespoke support

For all other support, I will give you a project price once I know more details about what you need my help with. Just give me a buzz and we’ll nail it down. The price I will quote you is all-inclusive (VAT is not payable), so it’ll cover everything needed to complete your job, however big or small.

Occasionally I might enlist the help of other expert copywriters, designers or website builders to help on your project, but I’m not part of an agency so you won’t get stung with any high agency fees here.

All quotes are offered on a no obligation basis so you can take time to have a think, digest, compare the market, have a cuppa or whatever you need to do before giving me the nod.

What you get for your pennies…

What you’re paying for is my brain and my experience!  I’ll even throw in for free any flashes of genius I get whilst working on your project (yes, they do occasionally happen), so you can be assured that it’s not just words you’re buying, but my full attention. Read more about how I work here…

See my approach



Let’s get started

The best way of working is to agree a copy brief before we start, so you can be clear about what you need and I can be clear about what I’m going to deliver.

You may already be super organised and have a copy brief drawn up.  If that’s the case, then you’re one step ahead and we can just flesh this out with any additional questions I might have.  You can attach any documents you think I’ll find useful when you send me a message. (And Mum’s the word…I’ll keep anything you send me completely confidential).

Get in touch



The small print

In the spirit of keeping things in Plain-English and making life straightforward, I have published my terms and conditions on this website.

By agreeing to work with me, you will also be agreeing to these terms.  In short what they say is simply that I will, to the best of my ability, aim to deliver what you’ve asked of me, on time and on budget.  In return, if I deliver on my end of the deal, I ask that you are fair with your feedback and prompt with your payment.  I look forward to working with you.

Terms + Conditions


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