My Approach

Creative Copywriter

There are lots of good copywriters out there who can produce written content for your business. Maybe lots of us have a similar background or experience too.  But, writing is a creative process which means you won’t get the same output from every copywriter.

How do you choose who to work with?


My approach

I’ll tackle the issue of price first, since it’s usually the no.1 thing people ask. As a solopreneur or small business owner, your budget is probably limited and you can think of a million good ways to spend it.  Heads up…I am not the cheapest copywriter out there (shock horror!) but neither am I the most expensive. Far from it. Simply, my rates reflect the time, attention to detail, creativity and experience I bring to every project (however big or small).


It’s so much more than a pound sign. When you buy from me, you get all of this goodness as standard:



I put a lot of effort into getting under the skin of your business and picking up your personality, because when I write for you, it’s got to sound just right.

2. Creativity

There are over 171,000 words in the English language. That’s a lot to go at! I don’t write for Google algorithms or claim to create ‘killer sales pages’. What I do is play around with words to find a really great combination that works for your business.

3. Experience

I have accumulated years of marketing experience, which all goes into the mix. For me, copywriting isn’t just about churning out content, it’s about helping you build a brand. That takes time and brain power which I give willingly.

4. Integrity

It’s so frustrating when someone says they’ll be there on time, call you back, or do that thing….and then they don’t.  I’m not that kind of person.




So panic not, by choosing Copy Kite you know you’ll be in safe and experienced hands.  I’ll do right by you and your business.


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