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How I Work with You

It’s my job as a copywriter to make things clear and understandable. So, it would be entirely wrong of me to start talking ‘legalese’ when it comes to how I like to work with you.

So, there are no complicated terms and conditions here. No jargon. Just a straightforward set of game rules that apply to each new copywriting project I undertake. It’s all in plain English, so we can play nicely together and get the job done.


Your brief

The first step is easy. You contact me and tell me what you want my help with. If we need to have a chit chat about what you’re struggling with or which copywriting package might be right for you, then that’s no problem – I’ll give you a buzz or ping you an email. The more information you can give me about what you need doing, why and how this fits with your business, the better.


My fees

  • Packages

To make things really straightforward, I’ve pre-packaged my most popular services.  It means you can see my fees for those things up-front and know what you get for your hard-earned pennies.  If you’re interested in buying any of those packages, please just get in touch.

  • Bespoke projects

For everything else, I will provide a written quote once we’ve had a chat about what you need help with. Typically that’ll be a fixed price for your project, but if you need ongoing support then we can look at a set amount of hours per month.

  • Is that everything?

Yep! There are no hidden extras or VAT. Everything I need to complete the job will be covered by the price you see. Quotes are valid for one month from the date of issue, so you can think about it for a bit if you like.

The only time that a fee might need adjusting is if you change your requirements part-way through the project, or add extra bits of work. If that happens, we’ll talk it through and I’ll re-quote or confirm any additional fees as necessary.



As part of our initial chat, I’ll tell you my earliest possible start date and whether I can meet your proposed deadline. If I can’t, I’ll offer an alternative date. During the course of a project, if something comes up that impacts my ability to meet an agreed deadline, I’ll let you know straight away. This includes any delay in getting the information I need from you. We’ll work together to find a suitable solution.


Getting started + money matters

If you’d like to get cracking, just ping me a simple email saying that you agree to the proposed fees and timescales.

  • Deposits

I will ask you to pay a deposit. Normally this is 50% of the fee upfront. This is non-negotiable and work won’t begin until I receive payment. If the project value is under £600, I reserve the right to invoice 100% of this upfront. For particularly large projects or ongoing work we can agree some payment milestones instead.

  • On-time payments

I ask for payment, by bank transfer, within 14 days of invoice. (Account details are shown on your invoice). If I keep my end of the deal and deliver the content you need, please keep your end of the deal by making prompt payment. It keeps the wheels turning, keeps us friends and means I don’t need to be that nagging little voice in your ear every day saying “Pay Me, Pay Me”.

If payment is not received within 14 days, I’ll send you an email reminder. If the invoice is not settled 14 days after the reminder, you will also incur a late payment surcharge of 30% of the total invoice.

  • Refunds

I will do my very best to create content that you’ll love. However, I make no guarantees about the kind of results the new copy or graphics will deliver – there are just too many other variables at play. So, my fees are non-refundable and they’re still payable even if you decide not to use the stuff I’ve created for you. If you need to cancel a project, please take a gander at the ‘Stop’ section below.

If you have purchased any of my Copywriting Guides, online courses or such like, these are also non-refundable.



You can cancel the project at any time if you change your mind.

If you have already paid a deposit but then decide to cancel before I’ve made a start, then you’ll forfeit 50% of the deposit, since I may have had to turn other work away in order to schedule yours. If you cancel after work has started, then you will forfeit your whole deposit and I will invoice for any time spent and work completed, over and above the value of your deposit. Chat to me before you cancel though. It could be that we just need to amend the scope of the project or revise the timescale so that it’s workable for you again.


Drafts, Revisions and Completion

Usually, I will write the entire piece of content and send it to you as a full, first draft.  I like to deliver content that you’re really happy with, so my fees include all reasonable edits and amends. If I’m writing website content for you, I’m also happy to review the copy once it’s loaded onto your site, because a few final tweaks can sometimes be needed at that stage.

  • Round we go

From experience, roughly 2 rounds of changes and final tweaks is usually enough.  But, if we find ourselves to-ing and fro-ing indefinitely, then I reserve the right to charge for the extra editing time (or re-quote for the project if your ideas or direction have changed significantly).

  • Completion

If I’ve sent you an initial or final draft of copy and don’t hear any feedback within 21 days, I’ll assume it hit’s the spot and will send you a final invoice. Similarly, if I need certain information from you in order to finish a job and you are unable to provide the information within 21 days of request, then I will also assume the job is complete and issue a final invoice.

  • Off on your hols?

I do understand that people take holiday (good for them!), get ill and have unexpected things happen, so if you do need extra time to review any draft copy, just let me know asap. Although, don’t forget that any delay in reviewing or sending back comments is likely to have a knock-on effect on the project completion date.


  • Calling on friends

Sometimes I might enlist the help of my wider network. They’re a group of like-minded freelancers who can help me to deliver extra services you might need, such as design, web build or print. Occasionally I might also contract other freelance copywriters to support my workload.  I’m quite particular about who I choose to work with and everything that is created for your business will receive my close scrutiny, so it all stays up to scratch and tickety-boo.

  • Mum’s the word

Anything you tell me about your business that is commercially sensitive will be kept confidential. If I need to share any of your information with my associates, I’ll let you know first.  And, as part of my working terms, these friends will also keep your secrets safe.

Copyright and legal responsibilities

  • When I’m writing for you

It is your responsibility to check some things.

Firstly that any information you provide to me is legal and accurate. Secondly, if that information came from someone else, that you are permitted to use, reproduce or change it. Lastly, that the facts or details in the final draft are correct. I take no responsibility for the copy once you have approved the final draft, or for any legal repercussions that may arise as a result of you using the copy.

If you choose not to use any copy that I have written, that’s fine but you still need to pay the project fees as invoiced. Until final payment is made, copyright for the writing remains with me, so you cannot publish, reproduce, change or distribute any of it. Once I receive full payment though, it’s all yours!

  • Guides and downloads

Copyright for the content within all digital guides, downloads or online courses purchased through Copy Kite, remains with Copy Kite.



I do reserve the right to share a sample of the work I’ve done for you in my portfolio, but will always check with you first. And of course, if you’re happy with the work and want to give me a boost with a Client Testimonial, we’ll be even better friends!


Copywriting guides and online courses are provided as digital files (i.e pdfs, videos, etc). These will either be delivered straight to your inbox after you’ve purchased, or made available via a download link. Any problems with accessing this content, just shout!

Easy as pie!

So that’s it, my game rules. Nothing scary or complicated. They’re designed to make sure you get the words you need, when you need them. And that I get fairly paid for my time and effort. A win-win.


It’s time to get started. Let’s see how we can turn your ideas into something that really works. Contact me today for a chat about how I can help with your next copywriting project.


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