quill penThat’s a good question!

You know your business inside out, you have ideas and you can write.  Right?  Yes, but there’s more to it than that.  There is a craft in copywriting.


  • Can you convey your ideas concisely?
  • Can you bring your personality into your writing?
  • Do you know which words to use to switch your audience on?
  • Have you got the time available to do all of this and get it right?


No….then that’s why you should get yourself a good freelance copywriter!  Here are 6 good reasons to convince you.


#1 No additional headcount

Times are tough and budgets are tight.  Using a freelance copywriter allows you to increase your marketing manpower on a pay-as-you-go basis.  No recruitment costs.  No contract of employment.  No National Insurance payments.  No need to find a new desk, computer or phone.  Just extra support, as you need it, for as long as you need it.


#2 Creative skills

Copywriting is the process of researching, understanding an audience and being creative with words.  If you don’t have anyone in your business with the right skills to do this or are fed up of staring, uninspired, at a blank screen yourself, then employing a freelancer is a great way of getting the extra skill set you need straight away.


#3 Flexible support

The beauty of using a freelance copywriter is you can employ as much or as little support as you like.  This could be as little as a one off half-day or it could be regular support, every week.  As your requirements flex up and down, so you can change the amount of support you request from a freelancer like me.  We don’t mind.  It’s the name of the game!


#4 A virtual team

Many small businesses thrive on using freelance support for all those skills or jobs that can’t be handled in-house. Your one-man-band can become a full-blown orchestra with the help of a network of willing freelancers. You might not have, or need, a marketing team but you might want to call on some copywriting expertise to get an email marketing campaign underway, or to generate extra website content or blog articles.


#5 Value for money

Hiring a freelancer, like me, is a really cost effective way of buying in the skills you need to support your business.  Marketing agencies will usually assign a small team to your account, meaning you pay for both the copywriting you need as well as an Account Manager.  On top of this, they have funky office space and posh coffee to pay for out of your fees!  Freelance rates, by contrast, are competitive and affordable because I work from home and have minimal overheads.  (And as for posh coffee, well I don’t think a free take-away cappuccino from Waitrose counts does it?)


#6 A fresh pair of eyes

Sometimes you can know your own business too well and get blinkered.  The concepts and processes you live and breath everyday might not make as much sense to someone outside your business. This is when it can help to get a fresh perspective from an outsider like me.  I don’t know your business as well as you do, but that gives me the benefit of being able to think like a potential customer and write with this in mind.


So, perhaps a better question is why ever would you NOT use a freelance copywriter?


If you need some creative input or a fresh pair of eyes on how to get your ideas into words, then why not get in touch.

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